Spam sent by millions of zombies

August 20, 2008

It is estimated that around three quarters of all email is now spam, but it is worth thinking about how this spam is being sent in the first place.

Spammers are hijacking huge networks of computers, these can be in homes or businesses, they are not fussy but once recruited into the cyber criminal’s network they become one of the estimated ten million zombie computers.

These zombies are similar to what is seen in films; the computer is there in body but is controlled by something else.

In this case, the object of the operation is to remotely send out more spam with the hope that they are able to infect more computers to keep the cycle going.

The only way to ensure that computers are not infected is to ensure that they are running up to date anti virus software, and not to follow any links found in spam emails as these can lead to a webpage where malware can be downloaded.

The Olympics has seen a huge rise in spam, with news alerts and prize winning notifications being sent out to millions of internet users.


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  1. Stacey says:

    3/4’s? That seems on the low end! Eventually, email as we know it will be rendered useless. Even gmail is having a hard time keeping up with what’s spam and not spam. SpamBully seems to do a decent job. But eventually, there will have to be some kind of a new system that is tighter!

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