BBC to switch iPlayer hosting

August 21, 2008

The BBC’s head of digital media, Anthony Rose, has let it be known that they are in the process of changing the content distribution network (CDN) from their current host, Akamai, to Level 3
Communications, prompting disapproving sounds from the ISPs.

One such provider, Zen Internet, has stated that they are expecting costs to rise.

This is because of the way that Level 3 run their business.

Akamai is open peer, they allow the free exchange of traffic, whereas Level 3 are tier 1, they only allow the free exchanging of traffic to the larger networks, but those considered smaller are expected to pay.

Clearly there must be some financial incentive for the BBC to switch hosting, and because Level 3 are able to charge the smaller networks fees for traffic exchange, it can only be assumed that the BBC have got a better deal, which is only natural.


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