London Borough of Newham adopts IndigoVision IP-CCTV

Jan Harris

August 26, 2008

IndigoVision is updating the London Borough of Newham’s VCR recording system with its IP Video technology, in preparation for a future migration to a total IP-CCTV solution.

Newham Council analysed several IP Video systems before choosing IndigoVision’s Network Video Recorders (NVRs), as part of the modernization of its security systems.

Ten NVRs have been installed by Cartel Security, IndigoVision’s authorized partner, in the Council’s main concierge building.

Recorded video is viewed and analysed in a main CCTV control room, using ‘Control Centre’, IP Video and alarm management software.

Further installations will take place in phases, commencing with the 200 camera system in North Woolwich.

The plan is to eventually replay all the existing VCRs with NVRs from IndigoVision for a network of over 800 cameras.

IndigoVision’s technology was selected for its flexibility of configuration, superior image quality, analytics and compression technology.

The Council was also impressed with IndigoVision’s commitment to technical development and its practical approach.


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