UK broadband users pay over the odds

August 28, 2008

In a recent survey, it has been found that around seventy per cent of UK broadband users are paying too much for their service, while their ISPs are just sitting there raking in the money and saying nothing.

The people who are going to be more affected are those who signed up for broadband around two years ago.

In this time period prices have been really shaken up, and in some cases the cost of broadband could be halved.

However, there is one serious concern, which is probably the main reason for customers not switching, and this is the time taken to switch from one provider to another.

In some cases, customers can expect to be offline for up to a week, which for someone who works from home or runs a business in totally unacceptable.

Broadband suppliers know this and they also know that the majority of broadband users are not prepared to go through all of the hassle of switching and being offline for anything from one day to a week.

If switching was made as easy as it is to change landline phone providers then more people would consider looking around.


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