US ready to pass UK on mobile browsing

August 28, 2008

Mobile users in the US have been quite slow on the uptake of browsing the internet from their mobile phones.

However, over the last couple of years this has been changing and it will not be long until the US overtakes the UK for mobile phone browsing.

According to Bango, the top five countries accessing the mobile web in July 2008 were:

UK at 19.35%
US at 18.88%
India at 10.82%
South Africa at 8.82%
Indonesia at 4.08%

Mobile phone browsing has been popular in the UK for years. This is because of the availability of web access through mobile phone packages.

But these days packages in the US have improved to allow for unlimited access. This, along with better phones, is fuelling the rise in mobile phone surfing.


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