Cable gets the better of fixed line

September 3, 2008

It seems that despite the constant work being done to improve fixed line broadband, they still cannot manage to get the better of cable broadband.

On reliability, cable broadband had an average of 50.5 per cent for the month of August, while the figure for fixed line broadband over the same period was 38.8 per cent.

But that is not the complete picture as it is an average of all fixed line broadband providers.

For O2, their customers on the up to 8 Mb package actually received an average connection speed figure of 52.2 per cent of their advertised rate.

As for the high speed broadband packages of up to 16 Mb and up to 20 Mb reach an average of 31.3 per cent of the advertised speed, which works out at about 6.2 Mb.

However, just over 6 Mb is nothing when compared with the speeds that cable can potentially offer.


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