T Mobile users get a boost

September 3, 2008

Mobile provider, T Mobile, has recently come up with something that they feel could be a winner for them in order to attract new customers.

It is called T Mobile Boosters, and will allow customers to adjust and boost their price plans to suit their own needs at a certain time.

Boosters will be available in four different levels, Talk & Text, Internet, Travel and International Calling.

These account boosters will also come in four different price levels too, £2.50, £5, £7.50 and £10.

These can be used as a one off special or used in conjunction with other price plans.

This is a good idea for customers and in fact some users may think that it is about time that the mobile provider has listened to their customers’ demands and changed their pricing plans accordingly.

The proof of its compatibility with today’s mobile market will only be known if other providers bring out something similar.


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