Fortify warns on “Real” & Virtual Servers' Security Needs

September 8, 2008

Fortify Software, is predicting that VMWare’s release of a multitude of patches this week will not be the last.

This release is so large that it is being referred to many as a mega-patch and Fortify Software believes that ever increasing interest in the virtual environment from accomplished hackers is bound to continue and prompt ever more common patch releases.

Fortify say that rapid and significant drops in processor prices in the last year, combined with looming hard financial times, are pushing more companies towards virtual servers to cut costs, so this market can only grow.

They cite the idea that a VMWare set-up would, for example, give a company access to16 virtual servers to replace a dozen “real” servers.

This is clearly cost effective, especially when you add in hidden costs such as labour.

Not only that, it gives companies the ability to take out more innovative software licences.

Now all kinds of organisations such as businesses large and small, as well as educational institutions are moving to virtual set-ups.

The fly in this virtual ointment is that a whole host of existing IT security applications are incapable of viable protection on virtual servers.

This in turn is leading to large holes in IT security that hackers are exploiting.

Fortify see a need for a thorough security review when contemplating a virtual server move as “real” and virtual servers often have very different security needs.


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