Police to investigate BT

September 8, 2008

BT’s secret testing of the online advertising system Phorm is to be investigated by the Police.

This follows the protests that BT shareholders had at their annual general meeting where the customers of BT showed their distaste at being secretly monitored by the Phorm software.

Despite the protests BT are still insisting that they will be going ahead with a less secret trial, which is said to be the third and final test before full deployment of Phorm on the BT network.

Although BT have always maintained that the trials of Phorm were perfectly legal, there are many experts in the data law sector, who are saying that these secret trials actually broke several criminal statutes.

Of course, while all of this is going, the European Commission are also running their investigation into the use of Phorm.


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  1. Jonah says:

    In the meantime the beta.bt.com Forum is at present “Non Existent” & concerned BT Business Customers are not allowed to discuss anything about Phorm/Webwise on the BT Business Forums!

    Talk about Censorship “THEY HAVE ALREADY INSTIGATED IT!”

    (0 and 10)=10
    (10 and 2)=12
    But get it right as I did but I’m very choosy about whom I allow Cookies from, blame BT I’m on the “notorious Kingston RAS”

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