Joost dumps P2P

September 9, 2008

The internet TV provider, Joost, is going to stop using P2P to deliver its content to users in favour of an interactive website setup.

It has spent a lot of time and money on developing its own applications so it they can deliver the content to the browser.

Joost has had a number of problems since its launch where it promised to revolutionise online TV.

This was because it was offering a wide range of content from many international broadcasters.

However, users were disappointed to find that the service was not as brilliant as the creators made out it would be.

The problem that Joost had was that none of the main broadcasters would allow their programming to appear on Joost.

However now that they are going to utilise the internet it could be that their users and new users may find that programming is easier to view.

The only problem for Joost is that it is limited by its content.


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  1. This is incorrect. The new Joost version will still rely on a P2P plug-in. Th only difference is that the video will be displayed in the browser as opposed to a separate client.

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