Licence fee collection methods reviewed

September 9, 2008

The BBC Trust is going to look into the methods used by the agency responsible for collecting the cash needed to keep the BBC going through the TV licence.

Following a whole host of complaints that include bullying, harassment and intimidation, the BBC Trust will launch a wide-ranging investigation.

To start off with there are letters from TV Licensing that are warning of so called enforcement officers, £1000 fines and the use of court action for non payers of the TV licence fee.

Then there is the advertising, which has often been described as a bit big brother in nature to say the least.

The BBC Trust say that they are looking to see if there is any room for improvement, however at the same time they mention that they have to be efficient in collecting the licence fee.

TV licensing say that the licence fee is for anyone who watches or record live TV, this includes people who only have a computer to do so.

They also believe that they are doing a good service on behalf of the BBC.


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