Online shopping set to rise over Christmas

September 12, 2008

This coming festive season is set to become the biggest for online retailers according to a recent report by the IMRG.

This has a lot to do with the credit crunch because people are able to buy exactly what they want and keep it to within their limits, while going to the local shopping mall, things can get a little bit out of hand and before long the credit cards are all tapped out.

Broadband has changed the way people shop, no longer is it necessary to queue up for hours for food and gift shopping. This is coupled with the special online offers that retailers often use to encourage shoppers to go online and use their services.

The only problem that online shoppers have is getting a delivery slot as close Christmas as possible, with a three week limit on most food store, the 3rd December is the day to book a delivery slot for Christmas Eve.


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