Noel Edmunds leads TV Licence protest

September 15, 2008

For years Noel Edmunds promoted the BBC, first as a radio DJ and then on some of the BBC’s most popular shows including Noel’s House Party.

However, since those days of fun and laughter, things have taken a down turn for the presenter.

Now Noel Edmunds has announced on live TV, ironically on the BBC breakfast news show, that he cancelled his TV licence around four months ago and is waiting for the men to knock on his front door.

His protest was prompted by the hard hitting adverts run by TV Licensing, where they explain that there is nowhere for non licence payers to hide.

TV Licensing have said that they are now looking into his case, which goes against their adverts, because surely they would have already knew that Noel Edmunds had no TV Licence.

A spokesman for the presenter said that Noel Edmunds is willing to let it go all the way to court in order to expose the way the people are treated over the TV Licence.

If the case goes to court he is likely to be fined up to a £1000.


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  1. lazyhorse says:

    way to go, noel! the bbc are offensive orwellian bullies. readers note: you do not have to identify yourself to, or communicate with, “TV Licensing”, or let them into your home. they are not an authority, but a commercial brand.

    “don’t break my plate, mr blobby is great” (roland rat).

  2. GD says:

    I was paying £12.12 per month on D/D, until the TV Licensing people messed up the system, through trying to take a payment before my JSA was paid into my account and now, they have put me on another payment plan, that is asking me to pay £10.50 per fortnight. I have now contacted the TV Licensing people, to say that I could not afford that and I will now have to reapply to pay by D/D.

    The Government abolished the Radio Licence, they have also abolished the Dog Licence, so in these very hard times of so-called modern society, I think it is high time, that they abolished TV Licences as well!

    So, Noel and co, why not draft up a petition and get most of the people in Britain to sign it and send it to the Government? After all, they have to rely on our votes, in order to win their seats in Parliament; so surely, they have to do as we ask of them to do?

    Abolish the TV Licences and every other extortionate thing like Car Insurances, for instance!


  3. Dave Ebbels says:

    I am against the TV licence fee as it is not fairly enforceable. I know large amounts of people that enjoy TV etc wherever they are staying, yet have NEVER had to buy one themselves. Expecting the ‘householder’ to pay for it is wholly unfair when there could be anything from several house members to someone on very low income living alone. Also, being unemployed, I simply cannot afford to pay it! What am I supposed to do – get rid of ALL the equipment (which has often taken decades to accumilate) that is covered, including TV, Video, PC/laptop, phone etc etc etc…? That is not to mention the insanely high wages people are paid at the BBC for doing something pretty much anyone could do with a little training & experience. Its Unfair & fundamentally wrong! DE.

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