123play.com & Dennis Publishing Offer Mobile Games

September 16, 2008

123play.com & Dennis Publishing Offer Mobile Games
123play.com have teamed up with publishing house, Dennis Publishing, to offer four sites that will allow free downloads of various mobile games for free.

There is, of course, a slight catch – the games are not free, someone has to pay for them, but luckily Dennis has persuaded some big companiess to foot the bill.

Household name brands such as eBay, Britvic, O2 and The Sun are paying for the downloads and in return you will have to sit though company advertising, but it is a significant saving on what they would cost with paid downloading.

Dennis is already involved in a similar scheme with Pocketgamer.co.uk which reports good traffic for the free games on its web site.

The games for PC and mobile are not unheard of games from obscure publishers.

THQ Wireless, RealArcade, Digital Chocolate, Hands-On Mobile, Vivendi Games Mobile, PlayerX, Indiagames and Progressive Media are backing the deal, which will supply games for all age groups in many styles.

There will be an initial selection of 50 games that will download in a few seconds.

So what will you get for you money, well your no money?

When you launch the 1123 site on your mobile you will see three short adverts from the sponsors before being able to play your selected game.

If your heart desires, you have the option to visit the sponsor’s site for more information, or you can move on to your game.

At the end of the game there will be more advertising, then if you want to hang around you can select another game.


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