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September 16, 2008

Post Office to launch mobile phone network?

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by David Allen

Due the success of the Post Offices broadband network, they have around five hundred thousand customers already, in less than a year of operation.

It is believed that the Post Office is looking to follow up this success by launching their own mobile phone network.

The Post Office brand has been a success due to its no frills product, which in this current financial climate is likely to suit many home broadband users.

If that is the case, then no doubt the same could be done with a mobile phone service too.

With things supposed to be in the early stages, it seems strange that the management of the telecom division are talking about launching next year.

However, with a large customer base of mainly first time users of broadband, it would suggest that they are less IT aware and maybe a no frills mobile phone service would go down well with them.

Story link: Post Office to launch mobile phone network?

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