60,000 Mobile Devices Left in London Cabs

September 17, 2008

60,000 Mobile Devices Left in London Cabs
Have you ever lost your mobile? Are you convinced that you left it in the back of a cab?

Well you are definitely not on your own, with a seemingly endless round of tabloid newspaper headlines about government information being left in strange places and being stolen from places they should never have been left in the first place.

Londoners are simply getting more and more forgetful; people leave the strangest things in very strange places.

One of the most popular locations for people to leave their valuables is the back of the world famous London black cab, perhaps the ultimate people carrier.

People sit back in the relative comfort of the black cab, enjoying the lively/annoying, cockney, cheeky-chappy banter of the friendly/obnoxious cab driver, then leap out of the cab in some sort of commando roll quick escape the moment they reach their destination.

And before you can say “gowds strooff wer did e buy is licunc” your cab has gone and so has you lifeline to the civilised world.

Credant Technologies conducted a survey into this phenomenon and discovered that in just the last six months a staggering 55,843 mobiles have been left in the backs of the London cab.

That sounds a lot because it is; in fact that equals three phones for every cab in the city, in just half a year.

That figure does not include other handheld gizmos such as iPods or laptops that add another 6103 to the six month total.

The survey interrogated licensed London taxi drivers in an attempt to find out just how many phones are carelessly left behind by the public.

The company is endeavouring to point out that we carry all kinds of sensitive information on these devices and we need to take more care of them and the information hidden in them.

Some new devices can store 11 million emails or 11,000 photos and are a magnet for identity theft criminals.

To balance out the survey the company also hopped across the pond to interview the yellow cab drivers in the Big Apple.

The survey discovered strong similarities between riders in London and NY cabs, with passengers in both spending as much as 44% of their time doing work either by phone or email.

Remembering that it is cab drivers themselves answering the questions, the survey discovered that a London cab was one of the safest places to leave your mobile, with as many as 80% of forgetful passengers being re-united with their little friend.

New York taxi drivers are either less honest people, or more honest when it comes to answering surveys, stating that 66% of lost NY mobiles make it back to the rightful owner.

It seems there is no limit to the type of items left behind in cabs. I mean, how do you forget your sawn-off shotgun?

Think that’s bad, how about two children, a dozen diseased pheasants, two dogs, one cat, multiple toilet seats and what about Granny’s ashes?

Asked to name the most unusual object left behind, multiple respondents reported, drunken wives, false teeth, artificial limbs, condoms and bras in the back of their taxi, and one reported £2,700, which he returned to the owner.


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