Companies Need To Ban Personal Internet Use

The list of much publicised hacking and other attacks goes on and the latest high profile victim was the BBC.

The Beeb had its mailing list stolen and these addresses were then used for various forms of attack, including scam emails and malicious virus attacks.

Security consultant, Global Secure Systems (GSS), says that this is a not so unusual story that highlights the serious problems that large companies face, and that spam can be far more than just an annoyance, it can pose a serious threat.

The nature of the BBC website probably means that many members used their personal email address to join the site.

But it can also be said with certainty that there were also business email addresses used; the huge numbers involved on the mailing list will guarantee this.

Not for the first time this shows how personal use of business computers can lead to serious problems for companies.

Since the arrival of the internet and email into the workplace, personal use has been a serious problem.

At first it was caused by the fact that nearly all employees did not have internet at home, but now that this is not the case, still personal use continues.

In this case employees who used work email to sign up to the BBC for the latest Eastenders’ gossip have laid the company open to very threatening spam and/or malware attacks.

Obviously the staff members looking for Dr Who news did not intend to lay the company open to attack, but ultimately it is those employees’ actions that have rendered the company vulnerable.

Most companies have up to date security protection against malware and spam, but there is always a new as yet undetected threat that employees can open the door to, by using company email for personal business.

Companies wishing to avoid such attacks should implement a ban on personal use of internet resources to help lower the odds of damaging infection problems.

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