Dell’s laptop displays go green

Janet Harris

September 25, 2008

In response to customer demand for green technology, Dell has promised to equip its complete laptop range with LED screens.

LED screens are more environmentally friendly than traditional screens which use cold cathode fluorescent lamp technology, as they use less power, and do not contain mercury, making them much easier to recycle.

Dell aims to lead the way in green computing, and has taken a lead over Apple with its green screen strategy.

Although Apple has already committed to using LEDs in its MacBooks, it hasn’t set a deadline for the changeover, while Dell says it will start introducing LED screens in mid-December.

By the end of 2009 Dell expects to be using LEDs in 80 percent of its laptop screens, with changeover completed in 100% of the range by 2010.

As well as being greener, the use of LEDs will help Dell’s customers save money, as LED screens consume around 43% less power at maximum brightness, than standard screens.


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