Apple won’t face a Lawsuit after All

Franz Bicar

September 29, 2008

News have been circulating on a probable lawsuit against Apple for not telling customers on the real life span of its iPhone batteries. This includes original iPhone batteries and its $86 replacement cost. A U.S. District Judge in Chicago granted Apple’s request that the lawsuit be dismissed.

Apples statement includes the following:

“Apple disclosed on the outside of the iPhone package that the battery has ‘limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider,’ ” the judge wrote in his opinion, quoting the packaging. “Under the circumstances, no reasonable jury could find that deception occurred.”

This statement came out after a certain Jose Trujillo sued Apple in Illinois state court in July 2007, accusing the company of consumer fraud and seeking class-action status. Apple had the case moved to federal court.

I guess Apple has won another battle – again. But for me, I think its better if they (Apple) address this (and future) problem without anybody resorting to lawsuits. It could keep customers happy and loyal to their brand. Besides, its the best thing to do in this case.


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