8el Pushes SIP Trunking as a Way of Cutting Costs

September 30, 2008

London Earls Court is the venue for IP 08 for the first two days of October.

8el is a British managed VoIP and data communications provider who intends to show off their wares at the event.

They have a new SIP trunking solution that is aimed at allowing VoIP customers to lower usage costs.

The SIP solution will help VoIP customers on both IP- enabled and non-IP enabled PABXs.

There are currently very few providers that are offering SIP trunking to commercial users.

When SIP (Session Internet Protocol) is combined with trunking it can remove the need for a PSTN (public switched telephone network) and instead it sends signals across IP circuit, avoiding ISDN lines.

It is a system that has yet to take off and become accepted, mainly because of concerns over QOS ( quality of service).

8el says that it has resolved these issues and business should take advantage of the cost savings this service offers.

They have signed up some UK clients who the company say are very satisfied with the results.

Scalability is another helpful part of the solution which can offer changes on a per channel basis.

Another advantage is that there are no call forwarding charges involved in its use.

DDI numbers are also available which mean that there are no call charges when contacting a number on the same network.

SIP trunking is simple to install with just an additional IP interface added to a customer’s network.

There are also managed and unmanaged system options.


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