Online safety council launched

September 30, 2008

The government has come up with plans to protect kids while they are online.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety has been created, to educate and set up key points which can be used to ensure the safety of children while they are using the Internet.

The concerns range from cyber bullying to the use of violent video games, but how this council is going to police the internet leaves a lot to be desired.

They are talking of a voluntary code of conduct from websites and the power to take down sites which appear to be a threat.

Yet many of the sites that are popular with children are based abroad, and youngsters get into online gaming because they like it, not because they are forced.

Clearly, when it comes to cyber bullying and other forms of abuse then sure this is going to help.

However, shouldn’t the police be looking into that anyhow if an offence is reported?

Unless the council has teeth, then little is going to be done to prevent the problems that the council has highlighted as being problem areas.


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