Control Your PC From Your Mobile

October 6, 2008

Control Your PC From Your Mobile
What if a businessman was out in the field and needed some statistics and data to show a client, but the information he needed was on his PC back at the office?

He could call his assistant and ask that the info be sent to him, but it’s lunch time and the assistant will not be back for another forty five minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great if he could just call up his PC, just like he can call his voicemail, and take a look at the file he needs right there on his handheld mobile device?

Well that’s what the people at RealVNC thought and their latest offering is the VNC for mobile platforms.

This is a way to connect together all kinds of remote control options for linking together PCs, Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, iPhone, Linux and Blackberry platforms.

Not only can the businessman contact his PC by mobile and control it remotely, the administration at the company can also control mobile devices from the office PC.

The company will be showing off the new VNC at the London Symbian Smartphone Show October 21-22.

The company’s remote options will take Windows, UNIX and Mac platforms, allowing one computer to control one other or multiple units.

This new option extends that remote availability to the mobile world.


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