G1 Android Selling Stronger than Expected

Franz Bicar

October 8, 2008

T-Mobile, carrier for Google’s G1 Android phone, on Monday said that preorders for Google’s Android phone have been three times greater than expected. That is why, a few weeks ago, news have been circulating that T-Mobile has stopped accepting orders for this up and coming device. However, T-Mobile didn’t mention exact figures on the number of devices it has sold, so we may have to wait for the correct verdict if this really is an indication that the G1′s popularity is skyrocketing.

T-Mobile now says it tripled the number of phones it had earmarked for presales of the G1 and that customers have ordered them all.

That doesn’t mean people who want one are out of luck, however. People will be able to visit a store to buy a G1 in person when it launches. In addition, customers can still preorder a device through Oct. 21, but it may not arrive until a later, unspecified date.

At the announcement of the G1 two weeks ago, many analysts warned against expecting initial sales of the G1 to compare to initial sales of the iPhone. But if anticipation is as high as T-Mobile says it is, the phone could help the operator prevent customers from switching to AT&T to get Apple’s iPhone, something one analyst group said has been happening.

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