New Mobile Phone Security System

October 10, 2008

Far from becoming more secure over the last few years, mobile voice communications have become more open to “tapping” by dubious individuals trying to gather all kinds of personal and business information.

All kinds of information of a highly sensitive nature is passed by voice conversations on mobile devices without any concern.

The same people making these calls possibly worry endlessly over email and internet security but make a mobile phone call without a care in the world.

Cellcrypt offer secure voice encryption solutions for mobile operators by making use of the internet to transport secure voice calls.

They say not only is it far more secure to use internet for voice transport as opposed to the CSD data channel currently used for secure mobile talking, it also has other advantages.

Routing calls via the net also offers better sound quality, long latency and far more cost effective international calls.

The company is currently taking on re-sellers across the world to spread the secure calls over a mobile internet connection.

The company’s Cellcrypt Mobile is a software app easily placed on any smartphone; it encrypts voice calls without quality loss. The system works across 3G, WiFi, and GPRS networks.


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