TV on Your Phone? Not For Five More Years

October 13, 2008

TV on Your Phone? Not For Five More Years
Back in 2005 the viable concept of watching live TV on a mobile phone was first put forward as a pending reality.

In Asia mobile TV on other devices is very popular, especially in Japan.

In Europe the concept has received a luke warm reception.

There has been a huge amount of investment in the infrastructure necessary to make real mobile TV on phones a reality, but as yet the reality is that reality TV shows can still not be viewed on mobiles.

StrategyEye have published a new report called ‘Mobile TV – Separating Hype from Reality’.

In the document the company says that it is unlikely that realistic TV on Mobile will take at least until 2013 to hit the tiny screens.

The report actually refers to Mobile TV by phone as a “pipedream”.

It goes on to say that there are technical standardisation issues that are standing in the way, and that these issues could be overcome but, quite simply, providers can’t see where the profit is in the idea.

With little potential for making cash, no big spenders are coming forward to make it happen.

Across the world there is no harmony in standards for broadcasting to phones, as there are six separate systems.

This combines with the fact that hardly any phones currently in production are capable of showing the pictures.

StrategyEye claims that government regulation is the only way to force a standardisation of broadcasting and receiving of TV.

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that each government will have its own opinions about which route would be the best.


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