3 on board for Nokia’s music phone

October 15, 2008

3 on board for Nokia's music phone
Maverick network provider 3 has come running to the rescue of Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ range of phones after the scheme was shunned by the UK’s four major mobile operators.

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ phones offer 12 months unlimited free downloads for millions of tracks of music, included in the purchase price of the handset.

The move by Nokia is being seen as a major bid to end Apple’s dominance of the music download market.

Until now, the only phone available on the scheme was Nokia’s 2G 310 XpressMusic, sold exclusively in Carphone Warehouse.

It came sim free with no operators were willing to take part in the scheme because they were concerned that revenue would be taken away from their own music download stores.

With 3 now on board, Nokia will be launching ‘Comes With Music’ on the N95 smartphone handset.

3G connectivity on the smartphone will make music tracks much quicker to download.

Critics of the scheme have warned that although the downloaded music tracks can be transferred to a user’s PC, they will be strongly protected by DRM, meaning that they will only play on a limited number of devices.


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