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October 22, 2008

While mobile broadband is a great way to connect to the internet within the UK, using it abroad can sometimes be a bit of a hit and miss affair when it comes down to the charges that can be built up.

This has been noted in the past with huge mobile broadband bills.

Fortunately for owners of 3G smartphones (Windows Mobile 6 and S60 3G/Wi-Fi smartphone) there is another option that not only offers the user the ability to access the internet and read emails, but is actually considerably cheaper than using mobile broadband or even visiting the local internet cafe.

WalkingHotSpot offers access to Wi-Fi hotspots across Europe, all for a fixed fee of just £15 per annum, or there is the option of paying the monthly fee of £4, but for frequent travellers the annual fee works out at a better choice.


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