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October 29, 2008

Fixed line still better than mobile broadband

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by David Allen

The rise of mobile broadband and the fall of fixed line broadband may have been a bit premature if recently released figures are taken into perspective.

On average the broadband connections through fixed phone lines into households have seen speeds that are almost double those achieved by mobile broadband.

Granted the two should not really be compared, but as there have been claims that mobile broadband is a threat to fixed line broadband, comparisons will be made.

The average speed of fixed line broadband, as tested on over three hundred thousand lines, came out at 3.61 Mbps (2.95 Mbps in Feb 08), while over five thousand mobile broadband connections were tested and the average speed came out at 1.57 Mbps (1.56 Mbps in Feb 08).

For now, fixed line is winning the battle of broadband speed, but mobile broadband providers are gradually increasing 3G coverage, which will cover the entire UK by 2010.

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