Orange will not use Phorm

October 31, 2008

Any doubts as to whether or not Orange broadband would be using the tracking technology known as Phorm have got the answer from the senior vice president of Orange online advertising, Paul Francois Fournier, and it is no, they will not be using Phorm.

The reason given is that they care about the privacy of their customers, which is fair enough.

However, having said that, he did not totally rule out Phorm, or maybe one of the less intrusive versions of this software, which monitors the user’s surfing habits and targets advertising according to their tastes.

This is probably not what Orange subscribers want to hear, as it looks as if many of the ISPs are keeping an eye on BT’s trials to see the reactions to the opt in version, rather than the testing of Phorm without the knowledge of the users.


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  1. China says:

    Should not use Phorm
    Should Not use NebuAd
    Should not use FrontPorch
    Should not use ISP level spyware software

    Your marketing teams are leading you into their heaven but your hell.

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