Virgin loses appeal over Sky’s ITV stake

October 31, 2008

The media trio of ITV, BSkyB and Virgin Media have been in and out of courts and hearings for what would seem to be forever, but in fact the deal between BSkyB and ITV only went ahead in the later part of 2006, yet the fallout from this deal still rumbles on.

Only last month BSkyB was told to cut their 17.9 per cent down to just 7.5 per cent after they appealed against a previous ruling.

Yet even with this holding there are concerns that BSkyB could be in a position to influence the ITV news service.

Therefore, Virgin Media lodged an appeal against this ruling.

This latest appeal has been rejected, so BSkyB will have to trim down their holding in ITV and not dispose of it all.

Normally this would have been the end of the matter, yet although it has not happened yet, BSkyB appealing about the decision of the appeal must be a possibility.


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