Mp3 logo will ID illegal sites

November 6, 2008

Online music retailers have teamed up to educate consumers on the different sources that music downloads are available from, and in order to make this perfectly simple they have created a logo which shows the consumer that the site is part of this new scheme.

The stores that are taking part in this scheme at the moment are Digitalstores, 7digital, HMV,, Tesco Digital, Tunetribe and Woolworths Download.

These stores have a combined ninety per cent share of the online music market.

The idea of the scheme is not only to promote the music download industry but also to provide information on legal and illegal music sites.

It is being assumed that consumers will now know which sites sell legal downloads and that the Mp3 compatible logo will eventually be found on all legal music download sites as a sign of quality.


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  1. rg says:

    the only problem is, if the sites are selling music illegally then they wont have any problems in using the logo without permission. therefore it will it is highly probable that this logo will proliferate faster umongst illegal sites.

  2. Brian Turner says:

    My thoughts exactly. :)

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