BBC channels to start live streaming

November 20, 2008

The BBC will be broadcasting their channels live over the internet starting next week. Programmes from BBC 1 and BBC2 will then be able to be viewed anywhere on a computer connected to a broadband service.

However while this may be a good thing for the BBC’s viewers, there are some critics who believe that this action throws the question of the TV licence into the open once again.

After all, if a household has no television set, but has a computer with a broadband connection they clearly can watch BBC programmes without the need for a TV licence, so while most households in the UK will have to pay for the TV licence there will be others viewers who can legally watch the BBC without paying for it.

It will all depend on how many viewers decide to watch BBC programming on the computer.

Are viewers really going to forget the fifty inch plasma in favour of watching TV on a laptop, just so they do not have to pay for the TV licence.


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  1. Bob says:

    Apart from the fact you need a TV license for a TV, Radio AND a PC…

  2. val says:

    It is not legal to watch live TV on the internet. If you are caught then you will be treated like any other person without a license (try watching BBC news channel online and you get a clear warning). Catching people is more difficult because the TVLA would need to get confidential info from ISPs but in this police state, that may be impossible.

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