Sky keeps children safe online

November 28, 2008

With children using the Internet more and more, parents need to be constantly vigilant to make sure that their children stay safe online.

The internet has become an integral part of the way young people interact with their peers, on social network sites, or even via online games.

This can be a positive experience and recent reports such as the MacArthur Foundation report, suggest that using social networks can give children vital technological skills and literacy skills.

The problem for parents is that they have no idea who their children are really talking to.

Sky has gone some way to easing parental concerns with the release of new ‘Sky Parental Alert’ software designed by Crisp.

With the software installed, children and teenagers can use Instant Messaging Services, chat rooms, and social networks, but if the conversation becomes inappropriate, a text or email alert will be sent to the parents.

Parents will only be sent the part of the conversation that triggered the alert, so young people will still be able to talk to friends privately.

A one month free trial is available, and the software then costs £3.50 per month, or £35 for an annual subscription.

It can be downloaded at Sky’s Security Centre -


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