Free laptop customers failing credit checks

December 4, 2008

There is no doubt that mobile broadband has seen a massive growth in the past year.

This has been put down to the fact that the prices have stabilised and something to do with the fact that many of the retailers are giving away laptops with every contract.

However, it would now appear that this might not be the deal of the year that it was first thought.

This is due to the credit crunch and finance not being so easy to get as it used to be, which means that mobile providers and retailers are extra careful in carrying out credit checks.

These credit checks have been so stringent that only one in two applicants are being allowed to walk out of the store with a brand new laptop and mobile broadband dongle.

The problem is many of these deals only attract people on low incomes and students, yet the majority of these people are going to be rejected because of the credit check.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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