Kangaroo bad for competition ruling

December 4, 2008

Competition is supposed to be good for business, unless the competition commission are called in and then the rules are changed, as the multi broadcaster project Kangaroo has found out.

According to the competition commission, the project, which has been backed, by the BBC, ITV and Channel Four, has been given the thumbs down in a provisional report, as it is believed that Kangaroo would restrict competition in the supply of video on demand in the UK.

It is believed that Kangaroo could actually slow down the development of video on demand in the UK by other vendors, in other words this type of video on demand could see the end to rivalry, which has been the basis of the channels for a long time.

The plan for Kangaroo’s development still continues, as the companies behind it feel that their service would be of great benefit to the UK viewers.


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