MySpace Mobile Launches Streaming Video Beta

Janet Harris
Janet Harris -

MySpace Mobile Launches Streaming Video Beta
MySpace has partnered with RipCode so that MySpace Mobile users can watch MySpace video content on their mobile phone.

MySpace is the first social network to launch a video streaming service for mobile phones from its popular mobile site,

The company has chosen on-demand video transcoding technology from RipCord for the new service.

It allows MySpace to support a range of handsets, even though they require different codecs, bit rates, and resolutions.

Members can watch their own uploaded videos, as well as content from branded channels, on their mobile device.

The fact that MySpace is transcoding video on-demand, brings savings in hardware, energy and storage, as there is no need to store the MySpace video library in multiple mobile formats.

MySpace is rolling out a beta version of its mobile video service globally.

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