Tayside police warn retailers over poor CCTV

Jan Harris

December 11, 2008

According to a report on the BBC news site, Tayside Police are urging shop owners to make sure that their CCTV systems are fit for purpose.

Police officers in the area have noticed problems with CCTV systems that could result in the loss of vital evidence that could help bring criminals to justice.

The problems noticed with CCTV in shops include the cameras’ view being obstructed with displays, staff being poorly trained in using the equipment and time and date stamps being set incorrectly.

Anyone using a CCTV system is required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act which requires CCTV equipment to be regularly checked and for the time and date stamp to be correct.

To help CCTV users understand the requirements of the Act, a CCTV Code of Practice and a CCTV small user checklist is available at the Information Commissioner’s website – www.informationcommissioner.gov.uk


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