AOL customers lose .com email

December 15, 2008

CORRECTION: This appears related to the sale of AOL’s Australia business to Primus, and that users outside of Australia should be unaffected. According to a spokesperson at AOL, “We have not, nor do we have any plans to cancel our free Webmail accounts.”

Around the world, customers of AOL are finding that their access to the internet service provider’s .com email service is unavailable.

In fact, it turns out that the free email service on the .com email addresses have been cancelled by the company.

There has been no official explanation as to why this is happening, but it is believed to have started in Australia and has quickly worked its way around the world.

Currently anyone trying to access their webmail will be getting this error message: C0FE022B.

However, in some cases, the webmail has just been transferred to another provider, but this service is not free and therefore the customers have been charged for it.

Most users in the UK use email, which is, based so there is no problem there. This is because AOL UK is virtually independent of the main company.


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