Virgin Media splits the country

December 16, 2008

There has been a digital divide for some time in the UK, but when Virgin Media announced yesterday that they are rolling out super fast broadband with speeds of 50 Mbps, the divide became much larger.

In fact Virgin Media estimate that they will be able to serve around forty six per cent of UK households.

This leaves over half of the household in the UK struggling with an up to 8 Mbps service but in reality the national average is around 4 Mbps with the slowest connections touching 512 Kb.

The service being offered is going to cost £51 per month; however, this will be reduced to £35 per month if the customer subscribes to the Virgin Media phone line at a cost of £11 per month.

Currently around 1.3 million homes can get the service and they are spread around the country. They include, Bradford, Croydon, Dundee, Liverpool and Wolverhampton.


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  1. Kimbers says:

    I am a Virgin XL package subscriber and was told yesterday that I (in Croydon area) will get the 50 meg broadband on 19th Dec.

    I have had 20 meg for a couple of years but it never delivers 20 meg and at peak times it struggles with dis-connection issues.

    I wish they would invest in other improvements.

  2. Chris says:

    I have had Virgin’s 20 meg service since it came out and 10 meg before that and in the few years i have used it it has been down once due to a modem failure. Apart from that has been a flawless service. Id recommend it to anyone and everyone. best service i ever had.

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