VOIP not used by small firms

December 16, 2008

Despite the obvious benefits for small and medium sized companies, the use of VOIP is still yet to make an impact into this potentially huge market place.

The main reasons for this is the voice quality over a standard broadband connection and the cost of investing in the equipment required to make it a viable alternative to landline phone services.

In a recent survey commissioned by Viatel, it was found that over half of small and medium sized businesses have not even made any attempts to adopt this service into their organisations.

However, this is down the industry itself, they need to get out there and educate businesses about what they need to deploy VOIP within their organisations.

Obviously the bigger the take up the better the pricing will become for businesses.

In a time like this, saving money is at the top of all small businesses minds, therefore this could be a great time for VOIP if it is applied properly.


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