BE Broadband takes on cable

December 17, 2008

In order to bounce off the back of the Virgin Media launch of their cable service offering 50 Mbps, the internet service provider Be Broadband have announced that they will be offering a 48 Mbps broadband service.

However, this service is very different to the broadband that Virgin Media are offering, because while they use cable, Be Broadband is achieving these results from a normal ADSL line.

Be Broadband have been conducting trials of this service around the area of Paddington in London. They say that want to push broadband to the very limit and clearly they are, by offering the fastest broadband speeds through a fixed line.

The trial results will be studied and in early 2009 they will be offering this service to more of their customers, making it a real alternative to the cable service that will be available to less than half of the country.


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  1. piguglyness says:

    This must be the GRANDDADDY of all broadband because its door to door….and not door to greenbox in road….then bottleneck to door.
    Virgin really need bringing to heel over their advertising.
    Plus Virgin can only offer 50mbps if they throttle p2p. This is what the interweb was built on…Sharing information….Throttle p2p…Why do we need such high speeds?…56k will do for checking emails n web surfing…Power to BE…long they live in there current form

  2. Tom says:

    @piguglyness – “Plus Virgin can only offer 50mbps if they throttle p2p.”

    Why would they need to do this, I read on another article that on this service, that by the way will up to FIFTY pounds a month, there will be no throttling or download limits, they are put on the slower speeds only, so they should be at such a high price, but I think your other statement is totally true, I’m fine on 2 Megabits, why do we need 50 up AND down? And why does it have to be at such a high price? Be* is around £17-25 a month for their *top* speed, perhaps all Virgin customers should take a good long look at Be before deciding to go XXL on Virgin.

  3. piguglyness says:

    Virgin announced they would throttle p2p on the same day they announced the 50mbps service. So that leaves me to believe to free up bandwidth for the higher priced service(50meg)heavy bandwidth users such as p2p would be throttled. Virgin throttle heavy users now but under the new plans p2p would be slowed to a crawl. They dont want people to use the bandwidth they are paying for. Long Live BE UNLIMITED. Highest speed ADSL possible (yet)with no caps, traffic shapping or throttling.

  4. piguglyness says:

    And no…Im not employed by BE just a very happy user.

  5. Michael says:

    48meg on ADSL two old pieces of copper wire that’s laughable no one unless there house is sat on top of the exchange is ever going to get this speed from old outdated technology. Cable does not slow down no matter where you are in the country Be Broadband is cheaper because they know they will never get this sort of speed from ADSL.

  6. Jon L says:

    The speed you really need to measure is how fast it takes to get from picking up the phone to getting an intelligent answer.

  7. Leon says:

    /Quote piguglyness: “This must be the GRANDDADDY of all broadband because its door to door….and not door to greenbox in road…”

    In your educated opinion, what exactly does this have to do with the speed of your broadband?

    And no, I’m not employed by Virgin/ntl, I’m a Be customer who works in IT Communications

  8. Nick says:


    They get 48mbit by bonding two 24mbit lines.

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