Duchess of York laptop security scandal avoidable

Alan Harten -

Credant, a military-standard endpoint encryption specialist, has hit out at security staff working for the Duchess of York and the Royal family, for not having personal photos, taken by the Duchess herself, encrypted to prevent their theft from a laptop which was reported to have been stolen from a photography studio.

The very public figure that is the Duchess of York has become somewhat of an amateur photographer and it is said that the laptop contained personal images of both the Duchess herself and her two daughters, and also of her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

These photos were stolen with the laptop, baffling many as the images themselves could easily have been taken with the use of a CD drive or standard USB stick without the use of the laptop, which is said to have been password protected.

This password protection is easy to get around for anyone with a little knowledge of computers, which is why the non-encryption of the photos themselves has caused such an uproar.

With the Vice President of Credant lashing out against the security staff who have been reported to have seen no need for the images to have been encrypted, the fight to protect families’ privacy will continue.

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