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December 22, 2008

Dumb Warner slams YouTube deal

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by Brian Turner

In a typically dumb music mega-corp move, Warner are threatening to pull its music videos from YouTube - on the grounds that the advertising revenue received is “staggering low”.

What Warner don’t seem to realise in their mixed-up marketing world view, is that YouTube has become the new way for consumers to find music recommendations they can buy on.

When I was at college, other people influenced me with their music recommendations. Now that I have a young family, socialising is difficult, and I’m no longer surrounded by people who recommend good music to me.

Instead, after looking up some videos on YouTube in the summer, the similar videos recommendations have ended up as a major way to become exposed to artists I wasn’t familiar with.

Additionally, I’ve been checking up artists I’ve heard of to see what other music they may have available, in order to make purchasing decisions.

In doing so, the number of times I’ve viewed music videos is probably pretty small, and no doubt the direct advertising revenues from these views is tiny.

However, because of these recommendations, since August I’ve bought more than 30 CD’s from Amazon based solely on using YouTube.

The major music companies have often suffered from misunderstanding new technology, and have often sought to destroy what they do not understand.

Ultimately these companies have no concept of working marketing models that fall outside of direct advertising.

In the meantime, music companies will continue to put their weight behind X Factor and TV advertising - and in the meantime, they will consummately continue to fail to understand how and why the internet benefits music.

In doing so, as usual, they end up hurting their own artists and publishing interests, and ultimately, their consumers.

For the moment at least, YouTube continues to work as a brilliant way for me to become exposed to new music. I can only enjoy it while it lasts, because if Warner and others do pull their music from YouTube, I’ll no longer be able to go CD shopping.

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  1. I think that a take-over or partnership with someone like Hulu is the most feasible way for this whole idea to occur. It just depends on whether the video site would want to be swallowed up into the huge music industry machine coming their way, or if they want some of the money they see rolling in, which won’t happen if the customers don’t get what they want.

    Comment by Matt Churchill — December 31, 2008 @ 4:03 am

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