Introduction of video server line by BitBand

December 22, 2008

BitBand has introduced Vision Ti4 hardware, a flash-based video server, to IPTV service providers, to provide increased flexibility and performance.

Rapid price decreases in solid-state drives are offered with the introduction of the Ti4 and it allows for the added flexibility of using hardware that is deemed to be commercially available off-the-shelf.

With flash disk drives becoming somewhat of a commodity, the Ti4 from Bitband allows for Solid State Drives or SSD performance to be enhanced with the COTS server setup, and it can be used by several various business models for a brand new and wide-ranging platform in IPTV form.

From a statement made by the EVP of strategy and marketing within BitBand, the mass production of such a server will allow lower costs for a better rate of production and performance, producing the cost effective solution that service providers need, with the benefit that it is deemed to be future proof.


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