ICUK gives heavy users a bonus

David Allen -

Customers of the internet service provider, ICUK, who like to download a lot of content, have been given a bit of a break, with their data usage allowance being increase to a respectable 100 Gb per month.

The ISP would like to point out though that this allowance is off peak (peak hours being 08:00 through to 19:59, and off-peak hours between 20:00 through to 07:59) and that it will be only downloads that contribute to this new allowance.

This new deal could make the up to 8 Mbps service, at £16 per month with a 2 Gb peak data allowance and 100 Gb off peak allowance, attractive to some heavy users.

The ISP will send out warnings by email to those users who are likely to go over their limits.

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