Motorola ships luxury Aura handset

December 29, 2008

Motorola ships luxury Aura handset
Struggling mobile phone maker Motorola has decided upon a cunning strategy to end its woes: overpriced handsets for a credit crunched world.

Motorola’s latest offering, the Aura, comes with a high-tech swivel mechanism.

Swivel-mechanism aside, the Aura looks like little more than a glorified clamshell that you’d expect to cost £200 on an expensive day.

The actual price? $1999.99 (£1,350).

Even weirder is the lack of killer features to justify this price tag.

The Aura comes with a 16-million colour circular display, protected by 62-carat sapphire crystal coating.

Okay, so it is the world’s first circular display, and sapphire isn’t cheap, but is this really the cutting edge of handset technology?

The phone’s casing is made from stainless steel.

Other features include quad-band GSM connectivity, a 2-megapixel fixed focus camera, 2GB on board memory, and a microUSB hub.

Internet browsing is not possible on the Aura, and it has no memory expansion slot.

P&P is free from Motorola’s online store.


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  1. Steve says:

    I guess you are new to mobile phones, this is not the worlds first circular display, this is an updated version of a phone motorola put out about 8 years ago.

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