PS3 to go 3D in 2009?

December 30, 2008

It looks as if computer games will be the next product to offer 3D, with characters jumping out of the screen and grabbing the user by the throat, or at least appearing to do so.

Developers are said to have been busy working towards introducing the system into the PS3 some time during 2009.

In the UK, developer Blitz Games Studios is working on the creation of a 3D engine, and the Blitz Tech Engine is the power behind the project.

There is no mention of whether users of the PS3 will need to wear coloured glasses in order to actually see the 3D effect.

There are also rumours that the PS3 is not the only console with 3D aspirations, as demos of 3D games on the Xbox 360 were offered at the CES show last year.


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