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January 6, 2009

Virgin Media tops speed list

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by David Allen

Once again Virgin Media has held on to the top spot in’s monthly speed test for December, when it comes to download speeds, with a result of 6.073 Mbps, but for upload speeds the top spot goes to Be Broadband, who touched 0.749 Mbps.

The total speed results for download and upload speeds are as follows:

Top 10 ISPs for Download Speed
Virgin Media - 6.073Mbps
O2 (Be Broadband) - 5.905Mbps
Sky Broadband - 3.504Mbps
TalkTalk - 2.747Mbps
Eclipse Internet - 2.621Mbps
Tiscali - 2.284Mbps
BT - 2.261Mbps
PlusNet - 2.118Mbps
AOL - 1.806Mbps
Orange - (no figures for this month)

Top 10 ISPs for Upload Speed
O2 (Be Broadband) - 0.749Mbps
Virgin Media - 0.464Mbps
Sky Broadband - 0.401Mbps
TalkTalk - 0.398Mbps
Eclipse Internet - 0.370Mbps
Tiscali - 0.355Mbps
PlusNet - 0.346Mbps
BT - 0.314Mbps
AOL - 0.287Mbps
Orange - (no figures for this month)

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