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January 8, 2009

FTA: New Satellite TV Channels

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by Brian Turner

The number of new FTA and ecnrypted satellite channels continues to increase, so today was time to organise the Techwatch Satellite Forums to cover this in greater depth.

We’ve now reorganised the New Channels section to feature the most popular satellites covered:

As DTH satellite broadcasting becomes increasingly popular, not least via Sky and Freesat, the expectation is that more viewers will look to the wider FTA broadcast industry to discover new channels.

If anyone finds the current credit crisis means they may have to drop their Sky subscription, then both Freesat and the wider FTA broadcasting spectrum are worth a look - after all, if you still have a dish, you may as well use it for something. In which case, it’s certainly worth considering investing in a Dreambox for happy viewing.

In the meantime, we’ll add more satellites as they come up, but hopefully the new forum structure will help finding new satellite channels easier on the forums.

Story link: FTA: New Satellite TV Channels

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  1. I’m letting everybody know - I been using wild blue for over a year this is a lot of bull. for the $49.99 package your download speeds is a little faster than dial-up but your upload speed is sometimes as low as 28 K. most of the time it rarely goes over 56K.; definitely not worth the money ! don’t get locked into a contract where you’re going to be disappointed .
    It is not worth the money. its stops six times using a Utub video clips, streaming movies and music not with the $49.99 package . it’s not even good for Internet voice communication. I know this for a fact. I’ve been fighting to resolve these issues for over a year ,very disappointed very discouraged. Don’t get ripped off in to the wild blues . or Hughes network, all the technicians do is talk. And you will get no satisfaction on your Internet speed.

    Comment by klm klm — March 14, 2009 @ 10:51 pm

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