Nearly all online music is illegal

January 19, 2009

As surprising as it may seem, a report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has stated that around ninety five per cent of all digital music is illegal.

The IFPI releases a report annually and in the latest report they claim that the music industry has shrunk during the past year.

It is claimed that illegal music downloads cost the industry money and threaten the long term security of the industry.

The music industry is closely monitoring how the UK and France are tackling this issue, but there are still problems with new material appearing online before it is even on sale in the stores.

Governments do accept that this is a serious problem, but stopping it another matter.

Once again there could be laws brought in which infringe on people’s privacy, in order to see if they pay for their music or not.


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    95%! Yet Apple Says They Have Sold Like Their 5 Billionth .MP3 Last Year Didnt They!? Is There Really That Much Illegal Music Being Downloaded!?
    If Apple Sold 5 Billion MP3’s And Thats Only 5% Then That Would Mean There Are More Than 100 Billion Illegal Music Downloads A Year!? A Hundred BILLION Folks…

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